Fouad WhatsApp Apk v9.30 Download (Anti Ban/Latest)

I plan to discuss the best and most popular revolutionary communication platform in today’s post: Fouad WhatsApp Apk. All messages and calls are encrypted with Fouad WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp messenger is unable to offer so many features. For that reason, it is often referred to as the best WhatsApp mod. Check out the full article for more information about the Fouad WhatsApp app. You can find information about its incredible features in this article and the download and installation guide. We will provide the download link for the Fouad WhatsApp mod so that you can successfully install the APK file. You can ask me any questions you have about this app in the comments section.

It comes with tons of advanced features, including privacy and security features, customization, app locking, and more. Fouad WhatsApp is a modification of stock WhatsApp. The Fouad WhatsApp is still the most popular mod even after other WhatsApp mod apps have been released. Every time its developer releases a new version, it contains several exciting new features and improvements. GBWhatsApp is currently the most popular WhatsApp mod, comparable to the features of this application. Both the package name and the user interface are the same. Nonetheless, you will be able to enjoy the same features and benefits regardless of whether you are using the popular GBWhatsApp or the Fouad WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Fouad apk has quickly become the number one messaging app. More than 1.5 billion people are using it each month as of 2017. Due to the reputation of the app, various mods and applications have been developed as a result. Most of the time, the developers of these mods add features that aren’t available in the official app for users to utilize. One of the many mods for WhatsApp is Fouad Whatsapp Apk. Moreover, if you are looking for another Whatsapp Mod like GBWhatsapp, FM Whatsapp, then you can check our website. We have dozens of different Whatsapp mods, and all of them are for free. 

What is Fouad Whatsapp?

Developer Fouad Mokdad has released another WhatsApp mod known as Fouad WhatsApp. Until you see the Fouad Mods logo and its separate settings, it looks exactly like the stock WhatsApp Messenger. According to its latest changelog, Fouad WhatsApp v9.30F features new additions and bug fixes.

Only Android versions 5.0 and above are supported by its latest version, not KitKat. A lot of customization, privacy, security, and MOD functionalities are available with the current Fouad WhatsApp. In addition to sharing big files, changing the main app icon, uploading high-resolution videos and images, and forwarding a message to 250 contacts at once, Fouad WhatsApp also offers other features.

Fouad WhatsApp is also much safer to use than other WhatsApp MODs, and its developer has also provided support options. Despite its many MOD features, it has a very small file size of approx 52Mb despite having tons of things. I think Fouad WhatsApp is an excellent WhatsApp MOD and a very stable messaging app.

Fouad Whatsapp Apk Info

Developer Fouad Mokdad

Size Varies with Device

License Freeware

Version 9.30

Categroy Social/Messenging

Updated 2 Hours Ago

The official WhatsApp app, which limits functionality due to WhatsApp’s policies, can be modified to add more functionality. The official version of WhatsApp does not provide many exciting features. Thats why developers move to the modded versions. Among the top Whatsapp mods, Fouad Whatsapp is known for offering a lot of unique features not found in other Whatsapp mods. The majority of people do not know how to use Fouad Whatsapp, so here is a detailed explanation regarding Fouad Whatsapp. It is thought that the official WhatsApp app lacks a number of features, which is the main reason behind the popularity of these mods. Thus, these mods are necessary.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

Fouad WhatsApp is a popular WhatsApp modification. Whatsapp is the most downloaded app in the Google Play Store, with billions of downloads around the world. Use your data connection to use this free messaging app. Sending SMS is now free. Previously, it was charged extra. A short time ago, it became the world’s most popular app.

Suppose you are wondering why you need to modify the official WhatsApp because there is already a WhatsApp that is official. In short, Fouad WhatsApp is superior to official WhatsApp because it offers amazing features that official WhatsApp fails to offer. Multiple numbers can be used simultaneously on one Device with Fouad WhatsApp. It is a popular mod for WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Features

Listed below are the features you’ll be able to enjoy after completing the installation of the Fouad WhatsApp APK. You should visit every item on the list so you can find out for yourself. Fouad can do a lot on WhatsApp that you may be surprised by:

  • The home screen can be customized with wallpapers.
  • An image can be placed next to bubbles.
  • Images on external and internal calls
  • The image within/within the group
  • Apply input style before previewing
  • Tab selected for color underlining.
  • On the main screen, the color of the lines between calls.
  • On the home screen, display the date message in color.
  • The main screen displays the date in color.
  • Identify the home screen color.
  • Chat screen color for document text
  • On the chat screen, name the color.
  • Playing voice memos with a color button.
  • Voice memo playback bar
  • Forward color icon
  • Forward the color back
  • Color of Participants
  • Call blockers
  • For Android versions 8.0 and up, there is a white navigation bar.
  • YoThemes store design
  • Themes are automatically saved as ZIP files.
  • Translated from Brazilian to Portuguese
  • Duplicate new conversation
  • The nicknames in the group photos are not colored.
  • Arabic messages are not affected by the text size.
  • Using a YoWidget trick, you can prevent WhatsApp blocking.
  • Color options are not available in version 8.0+
  • In Arabic, Yowidget does not appear correctly.
  • You will see cropped photos in the white status bar.
  • Delete messages against
  • Disable forward labeling
  • Hidden media gallery
  • The theme isn’t appropriate for uploading.
  • Some phones have the wrong size of WhatsApp.

Latest features of Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK (New)

  • Exclusively new: Like chat messages with a double-tap.
  • Enable: Even after a chat exit, voice messages will continue to play in the background.
  • Exclusive: Options for rejecting incoming calls.
  • Added: The “No internet (stays “Calling”)” option is available for call rejections.
  • Fixed: v9.29 contains all bugs.
  • Added: The Contact Profile UI has been redesigned.
  • Status View Toast: Instantly know if someone is watching your status 
  • Added: “View All Messages” screen shows the total number of messages.
  • New: In the View All Messages screen, there is a scroll button for scrolling to the bottom (newest) and top (oldest) messages.
  • All-new: Images and videos can be sent with Mass Messenger (both individually and in groups).
  • Anti-View Once: Unlimited viewing of “View Once” images/videos.
  • Added: Scheduling messages and auto-reply (one UI design).
  • Added: Groups Blue tick on Reply (Always on when the normal Blue tick on Reply option is selected).
  • Back again: The option of increasing the forward limit to 250 (very risky).
  • Re-Added: Hiding recent chats is an option.
  • WA Base Update: Latest build.
  • Enable: IG Stories are not part of chats or groups.
  • Reduced FouadWA APK size: Now, it is 33 MB.
  • New: A message can now be deleted for everyone in 100 days by selecting “Delete for everyone”!
  • Added: Click on First Message in Chats.
  • Update: More and More Anti-BAN.

Features in Details

Anti Ban

Simple as that. You’ve probably heard about “WhatsApp moderators banning accounts.”. Third-party developers use the anti-ban system to guard against the suspension of your account. There are some WhatsApp mods that use this system. Fouad WhatsApp has this great feature. Fortunately, they have added a mechanism to prevent users from getting banned, so you no longer have to worry about it.

Anti Ban

Added High Quality Images and Videos

Yes, definitely. Unlike the official WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp doesn’t decrease the quality of shared media files. Video and image sharing is easy with Fouad Mods. With the new update features, even 1 Gb of files can be sent at once. Furthermore, sending more than 10 images is also possible at one time. Media files of high quality can also be shared. It is available for free download on our website.

HD Quality

New Stickers Added

YoThemes packs are well known to you. With Fouad WhatsApp Apk, you can add amazing themes to your WhatsApp account using YoThemes. You can download these free themes, too. Sticker packs are also available. Now that the Fouad WhatsApp app has been updated, you are able to add sticker packs and customize sticker packs. These packs can also be downloaded from the Google Play store. Have fun downloading the stickers. Have an awesome chat. Let me know what you think. Personal advice, go for it.

New Stickers

Anti Revoked Messages and Status

Those deleted chat messages are making you nervous. Here you can read about the greatest WhatsApp mod, Fouad WhatsApp, which will protect your deleted messages forever. With this feature, you will be able to view the deleted messages without any problem. The anti-revoke status feature also shows you a status put by someone in your contact list that has since been revoked. Is this feature useful to you? Install Fouad Mods immediately to start using it.

Anti Revoked Messages

DND Mode

Fouad WhatsApp also offers a DND mode. Just switch to DND mode and relax. Turning this feature on is simple. So what are your thoughts on DND mode? Get the Fouad WhatsApp app now.

DND Mode

Easy to use

WhatsApp Fouad APK is very user-friendly. This WhatsApp mod is similar to other WhatsApp mods in that it can be used as a regular messaging app.

Set Profile Pic 

Choose a background picture for your screen. Using this method, you can have a backdrop for your application. Before applying the section, you can preview its style.

Send any file type

For the purpose of sending different media files to your contacts, get the Fouad WhatsApp APK. You can easily share pdf files with the Fouad WhatsApp download for your business work.

Customize Profile Pic 

Choose an image from your computer to set close to bubbles. Regardless of whether it’s a single, two fold, or all-air pocket, the can picture can be set on any.

Message anyone 

A number must be saved before a message can be sent on official WhatsApp. You can directly message any person without saving their number in Fouad WhatsApp App.

Share Images 

Regardless of whether it is outside or inside, you can add an image to the discussion. There are images of outside gatherings as well as inside gatherings.

Hide media from your phone gallery 

You can hide your media from the gallery if you download Fouad WhatsApp APK for your Android device. Your WhatsApp media files can be secured using this method on your android device.


Between visits, a shading line will appear on your home screen. To highlight this shading, select the tab you wish. The shading for the date can be changed on the main screen. The shading of pending messages can be changed. Refer to the primary screen for more information. The visit screen is where you can report the shading of content.

Voice Notes 

You can change voice notes and play shading in this app. You can change the voice notes play bar when you download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp.

Different packs of emojis 

With the Fouad WhatsApp download, you can choose from a number of emoji options. Make your chat screen more interesting by using these emoji variations.

Live preview of color changes

You will see a preview of your changes on the main Fouad WhatsApp screen when you make changes in the app.

Send Forwarded Messages 

Send your forward message without adding the forward tag by picking a foundation shading. The recipient will instantly notice that they have been forwarded when you send them a forwarded message on official WhatsApp.

HD Quality image share 

On WhatsApp, you may have noticed your images are smaller when you send them. You can share pics of the original quality by downloading the Fouad WhatsApp APK file.

Call Blocker 

This WhatsApp mod has a call blocker integrated into it, allowing you to pick up calls.

Themes Store

In the Fouad Mokdad app, you have access to a theme store. Make your app unique by selecting and applying any of the themes available in the store. A record will be created following the download of the themes.

Azerbaijani language 

The Azerbaijani language is available to you in Fouad WhatsApp Apk. You can choose your native language if you are from Azerbaijan and chat with friends in that language.

Alternative interpretation 

Brazil to Portuguese translation is an option.

Arabic language 

Arabic will be able to understand the message content. As a result, you can easily use this app if you live in a UAE country and you choose Arabic.

Hide Blue Ticks 

Occasionally, we do not wish to respond to a person directly, but we cannot do so without hiding our blue ticks. This feature comes in handy when you accidentally open a message in this app.

Anti Delete Messages 

As long as the person who sent you the message deleted it, you will never know what it was unless you ask them. Messages are not deleted from this app when someone deletes them. This means you can still read the messages.

View Deleted Status 

It is impossible to see someone’s deleted status on WhatsApp if you haven’t seen it on WhatsApp before. However, you can also view the deleted statuses if you download the Fouad WhatsApp APK file.

App Lock 

Password locks can be circumvented with this app. As long as you enable the app lock on WhatsApp, you will be able to give your phone to anyone without any qualms.

Message Scheduler 

With Fouad mods, you can schedule your WhatsApp messages so that you will never miss a deadline.

Edit Pics 

A point will be reached in the base when the pictures are edited. You can edit your picture before sending it to someone else if you send photos to others.


Changing the colors of different elements in Fouad WhatsApp is possible through this feature, located under universal settings. You can customize several elements, including the background, status bar, navigation bar, chat divider, and more.

Backup and Restore

Fouad WhatsApp has its own backup and restores feature in addition to WhatsApp’s default backup feature. You can easily backup and restore WhatsApp data using this app, just as you would with Titanium Backup. In addition, you can easily clear chat backups using this app.

More Settings

Additionally, you can disable Heads-up notifications, disable Badge counters, disable Swipe to exit conversations, and more under the Universal option.

Free and Safe

Among Android users, this is viewed as a potentially dangerous app since it is a modded app developed by a third party. Well, it’s not true since millions of people already use it, so you shouldn’t have any concerns about it. Fouad WhatsApp APK can only be downloaded from a trusted website like ours if it is marked as an official app. WhatsApp Android APKs with Fouad are available on a variety of websites, so be wary of the fakes. Moreover, you can also switch from the orignal Whatsapp to Fouad Whatsapp if you want to enjoy these features!

How to Download and Install Fouad WhatsApp Apk

If you have not used APK files before on an Android device, then you will need to learn how to install Fouad WhatsApp since it is not available in the Google Play Store.

However, you can ask us for help, even though OGWhatsapp’s latest version APK file download is the same. You can install this app without assistance by following the steps mentioned below to install the Fouad WhatsApp.

  • Download the Apk File by clicking on the Download Button given in the article. 
  • Now Open the Setting on your Device and go to the Security settings. 
  • Here you need to enable the “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option.

Fouad Whatsapp Apk Download

  • Now go to the Downloads folder and open the Apk File.
  • Tap on the Install Button to install it on your device.
  • Once done, you can open it from the home screen and register with your number. After that, start enjoying these awesome features!


  • You must be using Android Device 5.0 or Greater.
  • It works on both Rooted and Non-Rooted Devices.
  • Active Internet Connect is a must.
  • The old backup can be uploaded if you want. In other words, you can backup your old WhatsApp, then upload it to the new WhatsApp via email.

How to Update Fouad WhatsApp to New Version?

Fouad WhatsApp apk is always available on this post. Fouad WhatsApp requires a recent mod to be installed from the download link provided in order to be updated. It is important to keep Fouad’s WhatsApp updated. As a result, if it isn’t updated, it will become outdated after a few days. It will then no longer work. Therefore, updates should be applied whenever you receive an update notification. The following simple steps will guide you through updating FouadWA 2022.

  • You can download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp Apk by coming to this post when you see an update notification. Bookmark this page for easy access. This way, you’ll always have the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp.
  • Download the latest version of Fouad Whatsapp from our Website. Make sure to don’t install it right now.
  • Now open the app and go to the Menu, Fouad Mods, and Other Mods.  

Fouad Whatsapp Download for Android Device

  • Now from the option, you need to press the Take Backup option. In this way, you have the backup of Whatsapp within a few minutes.
  • Once the process is done, you can uninstall the Fouad Whatsapp from your device.
  • Now go to the File Manager app and then the Downloads Folder.
  • Loof for the Latest Version of the Fouad Whatsapp Apk and open it. Make sure you enable the Unknown Sources option from the settings.
  • Open the application after installation. There will be a red “RESTORE” button. Select that. Hooray! All your chat backups will be restored immediately. The screen will go straight to your WhatsApp home screen without you having to verify your account.

Click on the Restore Button

Isn’t Simple Process? Now you can easily update your Whatapp from the Old version to the New One.

Why is the Fouad WhatsApp Apk is not Installed?

Fouad WhatsApp on Android shows the “App not installed” notice for a variety of reasons.

  • WhatsApp Fouad is similar to the stock version and comes in the same package (com.WhatsApp). For Fouad WhatsApp to work, you will need to first uninstall the stock version. It is not possible to install both apps simultaneously. When you try to do that, there is an error saying that the app cannot be installed.
  • Play Protect may also be to blame for Fouad WhatsApp not installing. As part of Google Play Store’s security features, apps are scanned before they are installed. The Play Protect can detect that Fouad WhatsApp is modified and block the installation easily if it can detect it. In order to temporarily disable Play Protect, you need to install Fouad WhatsApp from Play Store settings. This will make the installation go smoothly.
  • Android 5.0 or higher is required to install the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp. If you attempt to install the latest version, Fouad WhatsApp will likely not install in Android 4.4 or below 5.0. It is impossible to fix this issue by upgrading to a supported operating system.


Question 1: How to Fix Unfortunately Problem?

Answer: As long as you back up your WhatsApp data and uninstall the app, the problem should be fixed. This is due to a bug in the older version of Fouad WhatsApp APK. We suggest downloading the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp from our website. This will resolve your issue. Enjoy using the latest version!

Question 2: How to Unhide Chat in Fouad Whatsapp?

Answer: Tap the Archived option in Fouad WhatsApp to access all your hidden chats if you have already hidden a chat. You can unhide a chat by selecting it and selecting the option to do so.

Question 3: Is it Safe to use Fouad Whatsapp?

Answer: You can feel safe using Fouad Whatsapp. By modifying the source code of the official WhatsApp application, the developer can add some additional features and modify the look of the app. Fouad WhatsApp sends and receives messages that are still encrypted as the application still uses the official WhatsApp server. In any case, using Fouad Whatsapp for official business is not recommended.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we hope this post on Fouad WhatsApp Apk was helpful. The best WhatsApp mod app is Fouad WhatsApp, despite there being many options available. You may also want to try Fouad WhatsApp if you’re currently using another WhatsApp MOD app for Android. You need to downlaod this mod only from trusted websites like ours since many fake online websites offer fake download links. Feel free to ask us for help in the comments below if you have any questions about Fouad WhatsApp.

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