OGWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2022

WhatsApp is growing rapidly among the most popular apps of the 21st century. More than 500 million active users use it each month, so it does not need an introduction. We install it on our smartphone as soon as we receive it. Due to this reason, there are tons of Whatsapp mods available on the internet and one of them is OGWhatsapp Apk. In an OGWhatsapp version, some of the latest features add simple and secure features to the original Whatsapp application. The OGWhatsapp has two main advantages for its users: it is free and it is reliable.

With OGWhatsApp, users can enjoy a simple, secure, and reliable messaging app that is free. Developers also added some advanced features in terms of privacy and security, features that some users may find important. A number of features on OGWA allow users to protect their privacy, such as deciding who can view their profile pictures and who can chat with them.

These features make it one of the most reliable messaging apps available. OGWhatsApp updated its APK recently with some advanced features like hiding the online status, deleting the sent messages, and deleting the sent messages. This alternative to Whatsapp Plus [interlink] is available for both Android devices only.

This post will discuss the installation instructions and the download link for OGWhatsApp APK. You simply need to follow the steps and have OGWhatsApp running on your phone. You can also try different versions of Whatsapp, Like  Fouad WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus APK. With OGWhatsApp, you can share videos, pictures, statuses, and information with your friends. With this modded version of WhatsApp, you can have a clean texting experience and a reliable messaging platform.

OGWhatsApp APK File Information

App Name OGWhatsapp
Version Latest One
Require Android 4.0 and Up
Updated 3 Days Ago
File Size 51 Mb

What’s Special in OGWhatsapp?

Besides the official Whatsapp application, there are plenty of mods for WhatsApp which feature additional features. The thing about OG WhatsApp is that, unlike GBWhatsapp and WhatsApp Plus, it is anti-ban, unlike some of these mods. However, it does not mean that it has few features; it has many of them, which will be described below. You will find an explanation below to clarify some facts about the OG WhatsApp App, which has a message scheduling feature that’s so awesome. Before you download the Updated Version, please be sure to read every single word of our article!

The original WhatsApp is the base of OGWhatsApp APK, so it is highly secure and safe. A dedicated theme library, downloading of videos and photos from stories, saving others’ profile pictures, and much more can be found in the premium package. You can select between dark and light themes in OGWhatsApp, which changes the entire user interface of WhatsApp. You may even find similar features on other versions of modded Whatsapp. The anti-ban feature is incorporated into all modded WhatsApp applications.


Although WhatsApp has a ton of features, some of the features offered by OGWhatsApp are still missing. OGWhatsApp is also known as OGWA. With it, we can hide our online status, mute notifications, delete messages once they have been sent to friends, customize icons, edit privacy settings, and hide our online status without being noticed.

There are no bugs or viruses in this version of WhatsApp which was previously present. OGWhatsApp has been thoroughly discussed in this article. Our site provides a link to download the application. The application can be downloaded through the link that will take you to the download page. OGWhatsApp is so comprehensive that you’ll want to get rid of the original WhatsApp application once you’ve seen it for yourself. So, let’s give it a try on OGWhatsapp!

OGWhatsApp APK Developers

Team XDA introduced the original OGWhatsApp version in 2013. Almost all WhatsApp features are present in this modified version. This version includes a few new features. By clicking the Download button, you will be able to download the latest OGWhatsApp APK version.

In addition to Team XDA, Team AlexMods has already released their version of OGWhatsApp. 

A zip file is included with this version of OGWhatsApp. Using the extractor, users will be able to install the apk file. To download OGWhatsApp, you must have the minimum requirements. You may not be able to use AlexMods versions on some devices. It has been reported that during installation, there are some people who see the error message ‘app not responding.


  • In order to install the app with the APK file, the “Unknown Sources” setting must be activated.
  • The application can run on either rooted or non-rooted Android devices
  • Your device must be running Android 4.0 and Up.

XDA OGWhatsApp Latest Version Features

  • Anti-ban
  • Base updated (Google Play)
  • Custom theme
  • Block contacts
  • Call without saving a number
  • The option to save to the gallery will appear if media visibility is turned off.
  • A new design for contact information.
  • Watch your status instantly with Status View Toast.
  • View All Messages displays the total number of messages.
  • The status will be marked as viewed when clicked.
  • You will no longer be banned if you have anti-ban enabled. Taking a backup is recommended, and uninstalling this app should resolve the issue. Then resintall.
  • Groups can be replied to privately.
  • Apps from third parties can be added as stickers.
  • Icons and fonts have been updated.
  • Sort WhatsApp messages based on when they were sent.
  • The number of pin chats has been increased to 30.
  • Group calling and swipe-to-reply are now enabled.
  • Stickers enabled.
  • No forwarding tag is necessary when forwarding to anyone.
  • Indian users can now set a forward limit.
  • The contact/group profile should contain the history of revoked messages.
  • In the gallery, change specific contacts’ media visibility.
  • The notification will be marked as read when you mark it as read.
  • The home screen of this app lets you easily select all chats at once.
  • Enable locked voice recording for sending long voice messages, so you don’t have to keep touching the voice icon.
  • Be notified when other users revoke messages.
  • Your favorite music player can be used to play WhatsApp videos.
  • The Group description is now displayed in the header like normal status.
  • Your friends can now pay their friends from their bank account via the new payment option.
  • Utilizing the mention option, you can mention a person’s name within the group.
  • Using the auto-responder feature allows you to automatically reply to messages when you are unavailable. Additionally, you can exclude a contact or group from auto-replying.
  • Added features for several groups.
  • Support for new emojis added.
  • In OGWhatsApp APK, you can disable Internet access by enabling the DND mode.
  • Text message broadcasts can be sent to groups.
  • Messages can be filtered while clear chat is open.
  • Messages opposing revocation.
  • You can share your location with friends using Live Locations.
  • Send images and videos with effects.
  • Revocate more than one WhatsApp message at once.
  • Rather than 30 documents at a time, send 100 at once.
  • Search now includes Emojis and GIFs.
  • Contact numbers that are not in your contact list.
  • Only certain groups/contacts will be able to download media.
  • This app now offers a scheduling feature for WhatsApp messages.
  • Turn off View Status Privacy.
  • Chats can now be hidden, and statuses/stories can be saved.

OGWhatsApp APK Features in Details

Anti Ban

The pain of being banned might be familiar to you if you have been using the modded versions of Whatsapp. WhatsApp officials always watch modified versions of WhatsApp, and they ban users from using third-party mods. You don’t have to worry about facing any issues with the Ban issue now that the app’s developers have resolved the Ban issue. New features are added to this app every time it is updated, making it secure and free to use.

Anti Ban feature

Pre-built Message Scheduler

We often forget our special occasions, such as someone’s birthday or anniversary, due to the busy nature of our lives. With the pre-built messaging scheduler in WhatsApp, the users’ lives have been made easier. To send scheduled messages to your loved ones, you must enable this option on your mobile phone. It will be sent on time, as you will not lose track of important occasions of life since you will input the message and contact to be sent, as well as set the date and time for which you want the message to arrive. For the message scheduler to work properly, the device must have access to the internet at that particular time.

Pre-built Message Scheduler

Set your Group Name up to 35 Characters

Group chat is what makes WhatsApp so popular. Having all our friends on at the same time and having the conversation continue for hours is one of our favorite features of group chatting. In the official version of WhatsApp, however, you can only set the Group name up to 25 characters in length. The latest version of OGWhatsApp APK will give you an additional 10+ characters. You can have as many characters as you like in your group name, so keep it as crazy as you want.

Set your Group Name up to 35 Characters

Download your Favorite Status

OGWhatsApp offers you the ability to download status updates of your friends, family, and other contacts directly from WhatsApp for Android. This makes OGWhatsApp rival WhatsApp for Android for its inbuilt status download features. You can use this feature to download your friends’ status and share it with others. Even better, you can save it to the gallery on your mobile device so it can be viewed later. One of the greatest features one can request in the current timeframe is this feature.

Download your Favorite Status

In Built Whatsapp Locker

With the release of WhatsApp, we are always on the lookout for the best app locker in the Play Store. There is no third-party app locker that can provide a strong security lock for WhatsApp in the official Whatsapp version, and the official Whatsapp version does not have any inbuilt locking features. Some of them might be able to lock your phone, but the lock screen will be filled with unwanted ads, which ruins the entire experience.

In Built Whatsapp Locker

Send up to 90 Images

When you want to send large files and more images to your friends, WhatsApp can only send 10 to 30 images at a time. OGWhatsApp allows you to send up to 90 images at a time, saving time and avoiding sending the same images over and over again. The ability to view OGWhatsApp in full-screen mode is one of the app’s best features.

Send up to 90 Images

Block Specific Contact Calls

You can block the calls of specific contacts by enabling this feature. There are times when we get annoyed by someone calling us frequently or our contacts calling us repeatedly. By blocking specific contact calls in OGWhatsApp APK, you will not receive their calls in the future. By allowing direct blocking of the contact, you can avoid the frequent dropping of calls, and in the future, you will not receive the calls.

Block Specific Contact Calls

Copy Status on your Clipboard

Copying someone’s written status to your clipboard is possible with this feature. The status of another user cannot be copied directly and pasted somewhere else, as we all know. OG Whatsapp’s latest update, however, enables us to copy the status of anyone and anytime. Recently, the OGWhatsapp app has added a great time-saving feature. The official version of the game will have other awesome features in addition to what is available right now.

Copy Status on your Clipboard

Increase Character for Written Status

As of the official app, your status can contain no more than 300 characters. You can still type up to 250 words on OGWhatsapp’s latest version. It can be useful when a large size is simply too large to accommodate long quotes or written status. We are on the way to introducing features that will radically change your experience with WhatsApp. OGWhatsapp is available for download now so that you can experience the features soon.

Increase Character for Written Status

Make Calls to Non Save Numbers

OGWhatsApp allows you to call numbers that are not saved. If you have been using WhatsApp before, you are aware of how tedious and tiring it is to save numbers before you can make calls to them, but OGWhatsApp provides the option to place calls to non-saved numbers very easily. Users all over the world are taking advantage of this great feature.

Make Calls to Non Save Numbers


Modified WhatsApp applications have dedicated themes sections, which is the best feature. These sections offer over 1,000 free themes. The themes in OGWhatsApp can be customized according to your wishes, so you will never get bored changing them. Fonts, styles, icons, etc., can be customized.

Anti Delete Messages

With OGWhatsApp APK, you can see any deleted message that another user sent to you, a feature that is not available in the original WhatsApp. The “Revoke Deleted Messages” option lets you retain messages even after the sender has deleted them. This is also true for deleted stories of others; you still see them. Nevertheless, the stories are automatically removed after a 24-hour period.

Use Both Whatsapp at the Sametime

You can install OG WhatsApp on an official WhatsApp-enabled device. To install the new Whatsapp app, you do not have to uninstall the original. The mod and the official apps can both be used on the same account. Consequently, two WhatsApp accounts can be accessed simultaneously.

Backup your Data

Backup is more important than all other features. An application that doesn’t have a backup feature will not live up to our expectations. As the official WhatsApp does, the original WhatsApp lets us find documents, photos, and other files. Always backup your data before using it. You will not be able to utilize this feature if you don’t back up your data.

Backup your Data

Regular Updates

It is of utmost importance to have updates when you use anything. In order to remain the best possible service, OGWhatsApp APK is constantly updated. In addition to this, bug fixes are made, and error detection is improved. As well, we have added the most recent version that will assist you in fully enjoying all the features.

Regular Updates

Emojis and Multi Language

A chat can’t be complete without emojis; they are the most precious part of it. Emojis are the way we express ourselves in a virtual environment. The “OG Whatsapp App” also supports multi-languages and additional emojis. The important thing is that it is pre-installed with a wide variety of languages, which makes it easier for people to understand it clearly using their own language.

Emojis and Multi Language in OgWhatsapp Apk

Permissions Required

  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Record Audio 
  • Get Accounts  
  • Internet Access 
  • Vibrate
  • Access Device Location 
  • Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC 
  • Write External Storage 
  • Read Contacts 
  • Use Maps Services
  • Send SMS 
  • Write Contacts 
  • Modify Audio Settings 

Important Things to Know About OGWhatsApp APK

Official WhatsApp application developers are not involved in the development of OGWhatsApp; third parties develop it. The company has a policy of banning these accounts if they are found to be illegal. It is therefore very important to use OGWhatsApp carefully. It has anti-ban properties, so you will not be blocked by WhatsApp’s developers. Moreover, they have removed all the bugs and viruses in this year’s update.

Use as Secondary Account: OGWhatsApp can only be used for chatting purposes as a secondary account. As a business user, you should keep your primary account containing all your important documents, images, and videos. WhatsApp should not be used as your primary account since the server might be able to see all of your data, which is not encrypted end-to-end. In light of this, OGWhatsApp should be utilized primarily for chatting purposes.

Don’t Overuse any Feature: WhatsApp’s privacy policies forbid all MODs, including OGWhatsApp. WhatsApp blocks these accounts if they discover any of these MODs. It is, therefore, best not to overuse any of the features as WhatsApp may ban you if they find you doing so. As always, we do our best to make the modded versions as user-friendly as possible while trying to give you the best knowledge we can. Therefore, we do not recommend using any feature frequently.

How to Download and Install OGWhatsApp APK

OGWhatsApp latest version is available on many websites, but not all of them are safe to use. We recommend that you download OGWhatsApp from this page rather than using any random website to get it. You can download the OGWhatsApp file that we tested on this page. So what are you waiting for? Just follow the below steps carefully, and you are GOOD TO GO!

The OGWhatsApp installation guide is given below. You may want to read the installation guide before playing with the downloaded file. The guide is forgotten by people, which causes problems when OGWA is installed. Here are the steps you need to follow for a proper installation.

OGWhatsApp installation guide

  1. OGWhatsApp must be installed from an unknown source on your Android device after it has been downloaded. This option is necessary because OG WhatsApp cannot be downloaded from official outlets such as the Google Play Store. Go to Settings>Security>Permissions>Unknown Source to enable unknown source installation to install this app on your device.
  2. In order to download the OG WhatsApp App file, you need to enable installation from an unknown source on your Android device. OGWhatsApp APK can be found in the device storage>downloads section. Once the app is downloaded, tap the install button and wait a few seconds. As compared to a potato device, a good device will take less time. Please wait until the installation is complete if your device is slow.

Make sure to enable the Unknown Sources option to install OGWhatsapp App

Installation Complete

  1. The installation is now complete. All these features can be enjoyed on your device by opening the OG WhatsApp app, making an account, and using it. Please read the following information before leaving this website. FAQs are listed below, so make sure to check them too.


Question 1: Can we use the OgWhatsapp and Whatsapp at the same time?

Answer: OGWhatsapp APK and official Whatsapp can be accessed from the same account. You can still use the other app; however, you will be unable to access other Whatsapp features. Logging in again will resolve this problem. You cannot use the same WA account and OGWA account at the same time. Alternatively, one account can still be used if you are patient enough to log in and out repeatedly.

Question 2: Is OGWhatsApp safe to use?

Answer: OGWhatsapp is a modified version of Whatsapp that comes with a few new features to make it simpler and more secure for the user to use. The OGWhatsapp APK can be considered reliable, safe and free. In addition, it incorporates advanced security and privacy features developed by third-party developers.

Question 3: Is OgWhatsapp an Official App?

Answer: It is referred to as a modded version of WhatsApp since WhatsApp does not develop it; it is developed by third-party users. While these modded versions of WhatsApp have more features than the official WhatsApp app, they may be banned due to their violations of privacy policies.

Question 4: Can we use OGWhatsapp for iOS Devices?

Answer: iOS devices do not support OG WhatsApp at this time. Also, GBWhatsApp can be installed, which is a mod for WhatsApp. OGWA iOS version news will be announced as soon as we receive it. Meanwhile, stay tuned to official WhatsApp.

Question 5: May I get Banned after using OGWhatsapp?

Answer: The OGWhatsApp APKapp is not made by official WhatsApp developers and is created by third-party users. You may be subject to a ban if you use these modded versions. WhatsApp may request blocking accounts if it discovers any illegal activity going on in its name on the internet. You may be banned from this.

Wrapping Up

User-friendly and offering a lot of customization options, this app is great. Privacy is also protected. It adapts to users’ demands with its exciting and redesigned features, far surpassing the original version of WhatsApp. Therefore, I will suggest that this mode of WhatsApp is the most secure and private of all the modes. Its unique features can be enjoyed by downloading it right now.

In the OGWhatsApp APK, several modifications have been made to make the functionality better. Apple and Google play store does not support this third-party service app. Moreover, this mod version of Whatsapp offers many features which make it interesting among the users. So without wasting your time, let’s download it!

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