Whatsapp Go Apk v0.22.6L Download (July 2022/Latest)

In Whatsapp Go Apk, users are given greater control over their messages. Users can hide their online status; view deleted messages, and flag messages twice. However, MOD users can also adjust aspects of sending files and increasing video or photo sizes in bulk. The DND (Do Not Disturb) option can also stop all activity.

Whatsapp Go Apk

With its unique features and popularity among users, WhatsApp GO is another modified version of the original WhatsApp. With this mod, one can customize WhatsApp with all the features that he needs. There are many options available for users. They can hide their online status, double-tick messages, view deleted messages and many more. WhatsApp with additional features is available with this mod. The app uses a similar but slightly different user interface to WhatsApp but also adds some cool tools, such as the ability to view deleted messages.

Whatsapp Go Apk allows you to control your sending and receiving of messages. There are a variety of functions that you can access with simply one click with Go Whatsapp’s intuitive interface. You can also set your privacy settings, which are available in various languages. In order to ensure everyone in your group has the same experience, you can use double flagging, block individual users, and hide online status.

What is Whatsapp Go Apk? 

A modified version of the original app is available for download under the name Go Whatsapp Download. Messages and receives can be controlled more efficiently with Go Whatsapp Pro. The application has no regional restrictions because almost any smartphone can run it. As well as this, the app includes double flagging, viewing deleted messages, uploading videos, photos, and files, as well as a DND. With Go Whatsapp Apk, you can communicate with friends and family from anywhere on your smartphone.

With Go Whatsapp Pro, you never have to rate your messages one-star; you can hide your status and accept or block messages at will. If you choose Do Not Disturb, all activity will be stopped. There is no doubt in my mind that you are correct; if you want to delete the images you don’t want on your phone, you should close Whatsapp Go Pro. It is also possible to view the number of people who have viewed your profile.

Are you interested in sounding cool? Getting to know who liked your status or news is no longer something you have to worry about between you and your friends each time. It is important to mention that the Go Whatsapp Apk has an extremely simple design that underscores this innovative feature in an unassuming way.

Download Whatsapp Go Apk Latest Version

App Name Whatsapp Go

License Freeware

Version Latest

File Size Approx 43 MB

Last Update 3 Days Ago

WhatsApp GO: What can we do with it?

WhatsApp’s original flexibility is what sets this application apart from similar applications. It is, therefore, unnecessary to tweak the interface, typography, and other messaging application features.

This Whatsapp Go Apk also allows users to increase file sizes and the number of images sent in bulk, in addition to these features. If you want to stop all activity, you can opt for Do Not Disturb (DND).

With WhatsApp’s new customization features, you can now customize the UI to your liking instead of the old one. Whatsapp GO 2022 APK was designed to work smoothly. Now that it has been updated, the performance is more stable. Video and voice calls can now be made between 8 participants in a group. Your contact list does not have to include those in your contact list for you to send a message. Sending messages to someone does not require saving their phone number. As well as improving performance, the system is also more stable.

Features of Whatsapp Go Apk

You’ll find tons of features in the mod version of the application that is not available in its original version. Are you interested in learning more about these features? If you haven’t read them yet, then you should:

Privacy Mods

This application will solve your privacy concerns if you are concerned about it. Additional privacy features are available in this version that is not available in the original version. Several different options can be hidden, such as Blue Tick, Double Tick, Typing, Hide Status View, and Hide Last Seen.

Sending Limits

Video files must have a size of about 16 MB in the original version of the application. It is possible to send videos of up to 50 MB in this mod version. Don’t you think it’s amazing? Additionally, you can send up to ten pictures using the original Whatsapp. With Whatsapp GO, however, you can send 90 images simultaneously. 

Ads Free

A large number of people use apps. This application is popular, but many people dislike its bulkiness. With Whatsapp Go Apk, ads and stickers are removed, resulting in a faster application and more stable performance on weak devices. However, the lock feature is a huge plus. Additionally, even if you do not have your smartphone with you (in your pocket, for instance), your security code can be used to send messages from any other device.

Built-In Themes and Fonts

Many low-version Android devices do not support themes and fonts. Your WhatsApp GO APK can be customized to use any theme you want without having to worry about force closing. When you apply the theme on the app interface, it does not apply automatically. Furthermore, you can choose any font you like with GO WhatsApp 2022 APK.

Stable Privacy Features

Currently, all privacy features of WhatsApp’s old MOD are not working correctly. There is always an error when they occur. When we disable the hide last seen feature from the settings, it still displays the last seen and active information. All the privacy features are now stable and fixed in the latest updated version of Whatsapp Go Apk.

In-Built Security

Securing your WhatsApp account in the official WhatsApp application is impossible. Anyone can access your WhatsApp. Instead, it locks your WhatsApp account when you open it through GO Whatsapp MOD APK. If you don’t enter the password, you won’t be able to open it. Additionally, any chat can be password-protected.

in built security

Call the Non-Added Number

We cannot make calls using WhatsApp official without adding numbers to our contact list. In contrast, WhatsApp Go MOD APK allows you to send messages or make calls to people who aren’t on your contact list.

Download Status and Stories

Originally, users couldn’t download their status from the app due to privacy issues. Can you save someone’s status from their Facebook page? You can then download the status directly to your smartphone by downloading this app. 

Whatsapp Go Emojis

First, uninstall the existing overly packages in WhatsApp GO. Next, select a new emoji pack from the set offered. Enable the build option by pressing the build option. It is necessary to reboot the computer after installing the overlay.

Multiple Languages

The more options button can be found in WhatsApp Go. Go to settings and then chat. You can open the languages of the app here. Choose a language from the drop-down menu. Many languages are supported, including Mexican, Turkish, and Spanish.

multiple language Go whatsapp Apk

Upgraded Video & Audio Calls

Previously, you could only group call with 5 participants on WhatsApp Go and original WhatsApp. Video and audio conference calls can be held with up to 8 people using WhatsApp Go APK. In addition to video chatting with friends and family, this function allows you to hold meetings. 

There are also a lot of features included in this Whatsapp Go Apk application. In addition to these essential features, we have listed the following:

  • Links can be clicked on chat screens without storing sender or group information
  • The name and date of the message are hidden when copying more than one message.
  • New Emojis, WhatsApp Lock, and Chat Lock are now available.
  • The 1x/1.5x/2x buttons can be used during playback to toggle between different speeds of a voice message.
  • If you want to copy your friends’ status, you can do it easily. 
  • Performance has been improved, and all bugs have been fixed
  • DND Mod
  • Anti Revoke
  • New privacy modes.
  • Possibility to hide chats.
  • A security feature that prevents bans.
  • Adding themes to the application will allow you to customize it.
  • The maximum number of images you can send at once is 90.
  • Groups and chats can be made private.
  • Icons and notifications for the app can be changed.
  • Copying your friends’ statuses is possible.
  • The original WhatsApp allows you to send larger videos.
  • Instead of 139 characters, you can write status updates of up to 250 characters.
  • Downloading other users’ stories and statuses is possible.
  • The check and chat bubble styles can be modified.

What’s New

  • You can hide the name and date if you are dealing with messages.
  • Messages can be hidden from forwarding tags.
  • The modified app does not cause privacy issues, which makes it unbannable. There are no problems using this app.
  • Other modified apps do not have as many improvements as this one.
  • It is possible to block others from participating in video calls. There is a custom call blocker built into the software. Your contacts can call you from your contacts list.
  • Before sending a message or sticker, you can preview it.
  • Any status can be copied with a narrative (text). It’s a pretty straightforward process. To copy the status directly, click on the caption once. Press and hold for a moment to display the selection bar, then select the part you want to copy. Click the copy button when you find a line you like in the caption. 
  • The stickers can currently be viewed before they are sent. 
  • By using custom privacy settings, you can now choose how much information you want to share. 
  • With just one click, all privacy settings can be reset to defaults. 
  • It shares about 80% of its features with the STOCK User Interface (UI). 
  • Bug fixes & speed enhancements. 
  • The error “Unable to open” has been fixed for some devices. 
  • Many complaints have been about the “Force Close” errors in this app on Android phones. There has been a successful resolution to this issue by the developer. It’s no longer necessary to deal with ‘Force Close’ pop-ups. 

How to Download and Install Whatsapp Go Apk

  1. The GO Whatsapp APK can be downloaded and installed on your device if you know how to do it. If you already know how to download GO Whatsapp APK, then you can skip this part and get the Apk File right now:
  2. You can download the latest version of GO Whatsapp 2022 APK from the post’s download button. The download button can be found above. Click on it.
  3. After that, the download will begin. Make sure you allow unknown sources before the download is complete (Device >> Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources). There is a waiting period during the download. Save time by completing this step before completing.
  4. Your file manager will display the Whatsapp Go Apk file you just downloaded. Click on it and start installing it.
  5. You can begin the registration or login process by clicking the open button and then opening WhatsApp.

Faqs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Question 1: Is Whatsapp Go Safe to Use?

Answer: In this app, you should not register your mobile number with your personal information, as it is safe to use.

Question 2: How to Update Whatsapp Go?

Answer: If you want to use the latest version of Whatsapp Go all the time, then make sure you bookmark our website. This way, you can get the latest version of the app with a single click. Moreover, you can also subscribe to the push notification, which helps you to get notifications whenever our team adds the latest version of this WhatsApp mod.

Question 3: What is Whatsapp Go Apk?

Answer: A third-party developer has modified WhatsApp’s original version in order to create WhatsApp GO. It’s 100% free to download from our website and safe from any kind of virus and malware. So let’s download it right now for free.

Wrapping Up

In this post, we are sharing the updated features of the GO Whatsapp 2022 APK with you. You can download the file by clicking on the download button above. Take advantage of it before it’s too late. You can download Whatsapp GO APK by scrolling down or by swiping down. You can download the latest version of GO WhatsApp from our site by bookmarking it. In addition to these MODs, we also have MODs for other Whatsapp and Instagram apps. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day.

By using Go Whatsapp, you can enjoy chatting without any ads. You can also download or send large files without exceeding the size limit. Besides that, the Blocking feature allows you to block spammers from reaching you with the Go What’s app Download. Various customization features allow you to change the look of the text bubbles and other app elements like in Fouad Whatsapp Apk and OgWhatsapp.

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