Whatsapp Gold Apk v14.37 Download (Anti Ban/Latest)

There is a modified version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Plus, which has been widely discussed. Informally known as Whatsapp plus Gold, Whatsapp Gold Apk is a new version of WhatsApp plus. We have created this application to make your participation in more emotions and themes more rewarding. In addition to WhatsApp’s features, this Modified version has many additional features for the convenience of the user. This version has consistently been rated as the best among other Modded versions. With this version, security is said to be the very first thing that comes to mind when installing the Modded version.

The gold version of WhatsApp is WhatsApp Gold 2022. The most popular method of communicating is WhatsApp. Thus, Whatsapp Gold was developed to add more features. The shortcoming of the official WhatsApp app is completely removed. The new app provides us with many more options and features. In addition, it includes recent features that were first introduced in the original WhatsApp. Nasser created the Gold WhatsApp 2022 APK. The application is very user-friendly. Additionally, it would be impossible to include all of the app’s features in the introductory section.

The most popular WhatsApp MOD app right now is WhatsApp Gold 2022. In this post, we will review the official WhatsApp Gold app for Android and iOS, one of more than ten app variants. WhatsApp Gold Android APK will allow you to utilize a variety of advanced features that allow you to make the most of it if you are tired of the regular interface and features of WhatsApp.

Those who are interested in exploring new applications and features on their Android devices would like this app. You will also have access to new features for WhatsApp with this app. Due to the fact that an independent developer develops it, there is no official WhatsApp Gold Plus app APK website. Yo WhatsApp Gold APK isn’t available on any official store, such as Google Play or Amazon App Store. But don’t worry, you can download it from our website for free.

GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp & Whatsapp Plus are all well-known and well-used customized mods for WhatsApp, just like Whatsapp Gold. There are many exciting features in this mod version of WhatsApp that you will enjoy. Nasser, also known as Altornedo7, is the creator of WhatsApp Gold. WhatsApp Gold 2022 is highly popular for the features it provides. WhatsApp Gold 2022 is also known as Golden WhatsApp. You will discover why this version of WhatsApp is called Gold as you read the article. The WhatsApp Gold APK file is free to download from our website.

What is Whatsapp Gold Apk?

The popularity of WhatsApp Gold Apk has grown exponentially in the past few years, becoming one of the world’s most popular messaging apps. Having just introduced two new features (see below), it has gained a whole new level of popularity and continues to grow by the day. Gold WhatsApp is an app that lets you use a gold theme on your usual WhatsApp. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Around two weeks ago (June 2017), users began noticing the app in Mexico, and its popularity has steadily increased. The app appears to be downloaded primarily for the purpose of allowing you to use gold themes. This does not violate any laws or regulations whatsoever.

Third-party applications such as Whatsapp Gold Apk change the normal functionality of the app. They accomplish this by injecting some malicious code into the official Android APK file (which controls each app’s features). Your application is then modified, and new menus are added to the settings panel. Any rational person, however, will recognize that these extra settings didn’t make sense to include in the original development due to the fact that they are redundant.

Download WhatsApp Gold APK Latest Version

App Name Whatsapp Gold

Developer Nasser

License Freeware

Version Latest

Rating 4.9

Downloads 100k+

Updated 2 Days Ago

File Size Approx 45 MB

Compared to the official version, WhatsApp Gold is a decent mod. On the Internet, many websites promise to give you the latest WhatsApp Gold APK version. But they aren’t providing that version. You can download Whatsapp Gold directly from our site and get the latest update. WhatsApp Gold Mod APK 2022 is 100% working. In addition, if you are interested in learning more about WhatsApp Gold, make sure you read our entire post. In the below section, we are going to share the most important features of Whatsapp Gold. We will also share instructions on how to install the application. Continue reading to learn more.

Why choose Whatsapp Gold 2022 APK?

Is there anyone who doesn’t like a change or a new thing? You must not be one of them! History has proven we love change and always try to implement new things since humans are change-lovers. Therefore, we naturally embrace modern technology. This makes Whatsapp Gold APK 2022 also a MOD version of WhatsApp. You will feel like you are using the modern one with the latest and best stuff and features. Using WhatsApp Gold on your phone will feel like using the official WhatsApp.

Why Is WhatsApp Gold So Popular?

As you may know, the original WhatsApp app doesn’t offer you amazing features which you easily get in the Mod Version. That’s why more and more people are downloading the WhatsApp Gold App, and its popularity is steadily increasing. Many new features have been added to WhatsApp Gold, including reading deleted messages and hiding your online status. With WhatsApp Gold APK’s amazing features, this app is becoming increasingly popular.

WhatsApp Gold Apk: What Makes it Special?

Golden WhatsApp or WhatsApp Gold has a special feature that is not available in other WhatsApp modifications. A golden theme was added by the developer of WhatsApp Gold, Nasser, which makes this mod unique from other mods. If you enable unknown sources, you can install Golden WhatsApp, but you will need to uninstall the other version first. Because of this, you can’t have two WhatsApp Gold apps installed simultaneously.

WhatsApp Gold for iOS/iPhone

On your iPhone device, you will need to follow these steps step by step if you are interested in downloading WhatsApp plus Gold.

  • You can open Safari in your web browser
  • Search for the Tutu App
  • Please click on the regular link
  • To download the file, click the download button
  • It will appear as a pop-up
  • Select the option to install
  • When you see the message “Untrusted Enterprise Developer“, you need to go to general settings
  • Profiles and devices can be found there
  • Click on the trust button 
  • Reopen TutuApp now
  • Search for WhatsApp Gold Apk
  • Download the file by clicking the download button
  • To install WhatsApp, follow the normal installation steps

WhatsApp Gold for Linux and Windows:

Unfortunately, WhatsApp gold is not available on Linux and Windows. You should not waste time searching Google because I have already gathered all the information and could not find an answer.

Features Of WhatsApp Gold Apk

Among the new features of WhatsApp Gold are quick translation, a variety of themes, subtitles, and voice change. Whatsapp gold now offers the ability to send messages to all groups at once and change notification colors easily. The Internet offers a wide variety of WhatsApp mods. Each of them has its own unique features. Below you will find information about many of the features of WhatsApp Gold 2022 APK. These features set WhatsApp apart from its official counterpart. Also, in WhatsApp Gold APK 2022, you’ll find the latest version of official WhatsApp. Here are its best features.

  • As part of the Gold Version, WhatsApp Gold also allows you to hide the “last seen” property, which shows that the issue has been resolved. It enables you to remain anonymous while online.
  • Let others know you’ve read the message to prevent them from coming into your life by highlighting what you want to keep.
  • In the gold edition of Whatsapp, it is also possible to hide the writing feature.
  • If you record audio and video, you can also hide them so that no one will ask you why you deleted them.
  • Stories and descriptions can be shared, and they will only appear within 24 hours, so you can read other people’s stories anonymously.
  • This feature lets you view deleted messages and restore deleted messages.
  • You can check for updates if you return to WhatsApp after logging out. WhatsApp has just been updated.
  • Chatting with anyone in a secret manner without disclosing any details.
  • Disabling this mod prevents someone from accessing your photos, audio, and video.
  • A friend can delegate messages to you.
  • It is possible to create and add as many special groups as you like, such as family, friends, and workgroups.
  • A zip file can be used to save conversations and share them with anyone.
  • To log in at any time, download the app for Android, iPhone, and Windows.

Features in Details

Highly Customizable

In today’s world, the most appealing feature of WhatsApp is the ability to customize it. In order to accomplish this, WhatsApp Gold APK 2022 comes with lots of customizable features. Your default WhatsApp will be exclusively changed with its help. Themes and fonts are available for customization. Your WhatsApp will look stunning and attractive thanks to its vibrant and attractive themes. Explore the previews of the themes you liked most from the long list of themes. You can then apply that theme.

Additionally, it features a variety of stylish fonts to make your chats more interesting. The font selection is also extensive. There are many fonts to choose from. As a result, WhatsApp Gold can be customized easily, and it has a growing number of attractive themes and fonts. Choose and apply any theme or font you like!

Best Security and Protection

Everyone uses WhatsApp, but we are all curious about the data it contains. We use a third-party application to prevent unauthorized users from using our official WhatsApp. It is important to note that WhatsApp Gold has security features of its own. We can easily protect WhatsApp by setting a password. Nobody can access your account without a password. It does not require third-party applications.

More Privacy

In today’s world, privacy is a high priority. With WhatsApp Gold, you will maintain an extremely high level of privacy. This is the main reason why it is designed to attract users to the WhatsApp Gold APK. The high level of security protects users’ private data. You can protect a specific chat with a password. There are also several privacy settings in it. It includes several features, such as hiding online status, hiding blue tick, hiding double tick, and hiding writing status.

Popular Messaging App

In this day and age, it is considered a necessary way to communicate. It is also becoming increasingly popular. Many messaging apps are now taking advantage of this massive shift in the way people communicate by coming up with new and intriguing ways to increase user security. The news that WhatsApp has begun encrypting all messages sent between its official channels has recently made headlines. It’s always a good idea to keep your device secure since there is nothing that is 100 percent encrypted. Therefore, we sometimes recommend Signal to our readers.

Auto Replying

The ability to have multiple conversations at the same time is also a feature that’s common in some messaging apps. Remember, though, that this is nothing new since WhatsApp has been offering it for quite some time now. We showed you recently how to enable auto-replying on your phone. What could be the primary reason to download this app when all of these features are already available and functioning without issues? You know, there isn’t much difference between WhatsApp Gold and traditional WhatsApp, is there? In this article, we’ll explore the features of this app and how it differs from WhatsApp’s regular messaging app.

Auto Reply

Hide Online Status

If you do not already know this, users can turn on their devices’ online statuses to keep their contacts up to date on what they are up to. Some people find this very useful for scheduling meet-ups or sending out notices that they will be away from home for a few days during vacations. If you want your friends to be able to see your online status, select the status tab within your settings and pick a time. If you’re available, your friends can chat with you, or they can check your “last seen” activity to see what you’ve been doing.

Message Scheduler

In addition to the message scheduler, you may have noticed another feature. Google added this functionality to the WhatsApp messenger app, but its usability has been hit-and-miss. By using this feature, you can set up scheduled messages to be sent at a later time. You can schedule only images and videos to be sent because of some problems caused by end-to-end encryption. It’s possible to work around this.

The way WhatsApp encrypts all of your conversations meant that users could not schedule messages to be sent at specific times. Messages can’t be sent at random on the Google servers so that they can’t be viewed by someone in between.

Disable Calls

Do not get disturbed by the notification if you want to disable your calls. You can manually modify the settings to disable their calls if you do not want to block your contacts but would like to not be notified of their calls. Additionally, you can turn off any calls from your contacts. Upon doing so, you will no longer receive call notifications from your contacts, but you will get messages and voice notes from them.

Multiple Accounts

Are you interested in having multiple accounts open simultaneously on your mobile device? Then you will not be asked to install a third mobile app for that, nor will you need a new mobile device. Using only one app, two WhatsApp accounts can be switched. You can easily switch accounts from the profile settings.

Blue ticks

Generally, we read messages we receive, but we cannot respond to them for some reason. What should we do? Gold WhatsApp only displays blue dots when you reply to a message, not when you simply read it.

You can Easily Hide Blue Ticks in Whatsapp Gold Apk

User interface 

Gold WhatsApp gives you complete control over your chat portal, including privacy settings. No part of the user experience can be tailored to your taste, from the type and size of fonts to their colors.

Anti-Delete status

One of Gold WhatsApp’s most prominent features is its anti-delete status. A story will be deleted if it is posted in the status section and deleted shortly after posting. After stories have been deleted, you can still view them through the mod.

Send large videos and photos at once

Multiply the number of photos and videos you send at once. You know that older versions of WhatsApp have 30 images per message limit. When you download Gold WhatsApp, however, you’ll be able to send up to 90 images at one time. Furthermore, you can now send photos and videos up to 30MB instead of 15MB, instead of only images.

Multimedia Sharing 

Sending files via WhatsApp’s original system has resulted in quality issues for some users. Uncompressed files may be too large for some devices to handle. With WhatsApp Gold, large files can now be shared without first being compressed or separated into pieces, enabling heavy files and long videos to be shared without first being compressed. Furthermore, no compression is necessary before sending the service – ensuring high-quality images.

Multimedia Sharing

VPN Proxy Breaker

The proxy or VPN activation feature has been added to WhatsApp Gold, so you will notice this once you update the app. This feature is useful if you are using WhatsApp in certain countries since the application blocks call in certain countries.

DND Mode 

Getting WhatsApp notifications while using another application can be annoying. You can use DND mode to stop receiving WhatsApp Gold APK notifications on your mobile device. However, other apps can still use the internet despite the internet being cut off for WhatsApp.

DND Mode

Theme Store 

Try WhatsApp Gold, the latest version 2022, on your mobile phone if you are bored with the original WhatsApp’s old theme. You will be able to customize your app to look new with the updated version of WhatsApp Gold.

Chat Backup

By clicking on the three dots and choosing Chats, you will be able to easily create a chat backup. When you download WhatsApp Gold 2022, your account data will be restored from the cloud storage so that when you download WhatsApp Gold 2022, your chats will be saved. Due to this, Gold WhatsApp APK will not interfere with your WhatsApp chat.

Anti Revoked Message

In this application, we have a lot of features that make it a better option to use all the time. In order for others to be unable to delete your messages, you need the Anti-Revoke enable system. Thus, you are not able to delete a text when the other side sends it. As a result, you should use WhatsApp Gold’s modded version to share all your information privately.

Chat and App Lock

Putting a number and locking a conversation quickly is the best feature for a user. Furthermore, an application lock is set to make use of the application easier. Because of this, the developer has added a lock feature so you can lock your WhatsApp Gold apk easily and lock any chat you want to. Hence, in general, the application has a maximum level of privacy, making it suitable for all users to use.

App Lock in Whatsapp Gold Apk

Notification Setting

It is also necessary to use the Golden application to show and send notifications. In other words, you receive a notification when someone changes their profile picture on your contact list. In addition, it gives you a piece of information about who is online on WhatsApp. You may add a notification option to ensure maximum privacy when your profile is updated, your status changes, or any other event occurs.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Golden Apk

  • In addition to losing special messages, hiding the last seen can also delay the delivery and receipt of messages.
  • Users won’t be able to delete messages they deleted, so it is possible that personal information could be published, and he/she will not be able to delete it, which is a great loss.
  • It might be a data loss or a great loss if You could delete all messages at any time.
  • A slow WhatsApp communication speed may be caused by customizing the themes.
  • You may be banned from WhatsApp if you forward messages to more than five people.
  • There is a possibility of the data being stolen or hacked easily.
  • Making a backup to Google Drive is not possible.
  • Crashing is ultimately a problem
  • Gold WA is the only version that is compatible with the latest versions.

How to Download and Install Whatsapp Gold Apk for Android

Engineers and designers around the world worked together to create WhatsApp Gold. This app lets you talk by voice, with a ton of other features, so if you’re looking for an instant messaging service that does more than simply talk, this is it.

Its easy-to-use interface and fast connection speeds between users quickly made this free Android application one of the most popular on earth. This latest version of WhatsApp Gold comes with sticker packs, emoticons, and other features that allow you to express yourself in as many ways as you wish.

  • First, you need to Download The Apk File from our website by clicking on the Download Button.
  • After that, you need to enable the Unknown Sources option from the setting. To do this, go to the Setting and then Security option. Here you need to look for the Unknown Sources option and then enable it.
  • Now go to the File Explorer app and then the Downloads Folder.
  • Open the Apk File and then tap on the install button.
  • The app will now be available from the menu, so you can start making free calls, group messaging, and adding stickers. Tap the private chat icon in WhatsApp Gold Apk Settings to make a secure call with end-to-end encryption.

System requirements

  • The app requires Android 5.0 or later.
  • No matter if an Android device is rooted or not, it can be installed.
  • Installing the application requires enabling unknown sources.

Faqs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Question 1: What is Gold Whatsapp?

Answer: There are a number of WhatsApp mods out there, including WhatsGold, which is the WhatsApp version developed by Altornedo7. You can enjoy features lacking in the official WhatsGold version by installing a modded version of the popular messaging app. We assure you that the mod does not contain any viruses, so don’t be concerned about security concerns while using it.

Question 2: What are the benefits of WhatsApp gold?

Answer: WhatsApp Gold also gives you similar features to the infamous WhatsApp+ that went viral. Sending 100 pictures simultaneously, changing themes, and even making video calls as possible. We are currently testing these features in advance of their release to all users.

Question 3: How to update WhatsApp Gold?

Answer: As we mentioned earlier, there is no play store listing for this app. If the old version of WhatsApp gold APK is required to be uninstalled, then you will need to download the latest version of Whatsapp Gold from our website for free.

Final Verdict

WhatsApp mods have gained popularity among WhatsApp users as they give them the ability to customize the interface and control their privacy fully. With the Whatsapp Gold Apk unlocked edition, you will have access to a wide range of premium features. You have to uninstall the original WhatsApp to use this messaging platform. No specific evidence indicates that this application is a scam. In the event of a third-party application link, however, its contents may contain malware or adware, so we strongly caution our readers.

Furthermore, if you’re facing any issues while downloading or installing or you want to ask any questions from me. Then don’t worry; you can comment below. My team is always there to help you all the time. Thank You. Have a Nice Day. 

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